6 A Side

TAFE Summer Football Comp

Team Registration $50 - 6 Team Comps 

Season Starts week of 23rd September with finals week of 9th December.


  • 6v6 including the goalkeeper
  • No slide tackles. If you make a slide tackle 1st tackle will be a yellow card then a 2nd slide tackle by the same player will warrant a 2nd yellow card, thus a red card.
  • No offside.
  • Unlimited interchange. [It has to be dead ball].
  • All free kicks are indirect. [except: kickoff, corner kicks, and penalty kicks].
  • 20 minutes per half with a 2 minute break between halves. U/12 - 30 minute game.
  • All defending players must stand 8 m from the ball for any restart of play.
  • Kick-ins [No throw-ins]. Goals can not be scored directly from a kick-in.
  • Regulation Goals.
  • A restart from a goal kick (by a Goalkeeper or Field Player) must not cross the half way line on the full. If the ball lands in the opposition half, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the halfway line.

To enter a team an application fee of $50 is required to secure the team's spot in a competition. The player registration fee per player is:

1. Senior Registered $150
2. Other Senior $180
3. Junior Registered $100
4. Other Junior $120

There are NO MATCH FEES.


U12/13's Boys  
U14/15's boys  
Open Men
U12/13's Girls  
Open Women  
Open Men  
Over 35 Men
Open Men

Only registered players are permitted to play. All players must be registered with the team they intend to play in, prior to the game in which they intend to play, to be eligible to play. A registered player is one who has paid, in full, the registration fee. Players can register for more than one team. The team sheet will be generated from the registration system and only players who appear in the database can play for a team.

Teams are not permitted to borrow players from other teams.